Character constantly dying With main menu

Since I created a main menu, when I play the game & press Start Game in my main menu My second map load successfully, but the character is constantly dying so I can’t move I would like some help to help me resolve this problem please thank you.

Usually character spawned on first player start and if there is nothing to stand on, he starts falling. When he reaches KillZ height in this map, he dies.

So, to prevent him from falling, you need to call console command Fly when character spawned. Then, call Walk when level loaded.

Additionally it is necessary to teleport character to checkpoint location or so.

Actually, my character is not falling, when I launch the map without the main menu, it works, it’s when I launch the main menu before, then I press the ‘start game’ button, so the map load but my character dies constantly.

EDIT: I found where was the problem : My “event destroyed” was in the 3rdpersoncharacter BP I removed it & I put it in the level BP so now it works fine :wink: