Character Collision Only?

Hello everybody,

I have made a few pickups for increasing and decreasing health to further learn blueprints and they work fine. I have also made a projectile which works fine, the problem is I can initiate pickups effects by firing projectiles at them. How do I set the projectile to only be affected by the character pawn (in blueprints)? I have searched and tried many different things but am struggling to get the result I want.

Esentially I want the “pickup” to be invisible to everything but the character pawn. Whether this happens within the projectile blueprint or the pickup blueprint I don’t know, I did look at the Shooter Demo but it is in C++ and I couldn’t figure a way to transfer it to blueprints.

Thankyou :slight_smile:

if you set the collision preset of your pickups to none, you can manually set what you want it to overlap, block, or ignore. you could make the pickups overlap pawns, but ignore all other types.