Character Collision Clipping Through Wall When Changing Its Size

Hey! :slight_smile:

The issue I have is that the character collision capsule clips through objects if you are standing still against a wall and crouch. Here is what I’m talking about:

The collision capsule clips through objects and as soon as you move the character it snaps back to a position where it doesn’t clip.

I have it set so that the collision capsule expands when you crouch to better fit the character shape. Is there a way to force collision updates for a certain time (e.g. when the you crouch) or some way to prevent it from clipping through stuff??? Pls help :confused:

(And the collision on the shelf in the picture is a 100% correct, I know it’s not that.)


I kind of found a solution that updates the collision when you crouch: Put an “add movement input” right after the node where you change the capsule radius. You can put the forward vector of the character into “vector” and you can probably just put some small unnoticeable value into “scale value”. It doesn’t feel a 100% reliable but better than anything else I tried.

Just writing this here in-case someone else is struggling with this same problem :slightly_smiling_face: There might also be another solution and this solution might have some other issues, but in my mind this is probably the simplest (and only) way.