Character can't keep the same distance from a point

I’m making a grapple hook that is supposed to be physics based and I encountered an issue with keeping the player at the same distance from where the hook is placed.

For some reason the character would always slowly move away from the hook point instead of keeping the same distance. Additionally increasing multiplication in the last step doesn’t prevent it from happening ( increasing it over 5 is enough to shoot the character at mach 5 towards the hook point ).

Character can move away a fixed distance ( 5000 ) away from the hook point, at which point they can’t move any further away, and can move freely within that range, unless “Shift” is pressed, which is supposed to lock the character at the current distance ( can move towards the hook point, can’t move away; essentially shortens max distance ).

I tried using physics constraints but I can’t get them to work ( the fact that x y z limits don’t render when they are set to “visible” isn’t helping )

Pls help