Character Blueprint

Hey guys i hope this isn’t to subjective, but i creating a multiplayer game and was wondering how would you guys go about creating the character blueprints?

do you /would rather:

  • create individual BP’s (duplicate for first create BP)


  • Build a base BP and create child of each character from it holding all the tweakable variables


not sure which is a better way if there indeed is one…

just a curiosity before i go full blown into what i got going on

Thanks in advance!

I would always Build a base BP, Even if its the most basic of movement… Saves a lot of time.

If all characters are to have the same functionality then Parent it the ‘Base’ Char BP.

If characters are to have different functionality BP’s the create an individual BP.

Perfect example is… 4 Humans 1 Monster scenario.

Build a human BP with all the basic functionality every human will have… Then Parent the other 3 humans to him. (Then add the differences on top).

Build an individual BP for Monster as his movements etc… might be completely different.