Character blueprint animations no longer work after duplicate

If you’re seeing any animation at all, that means that there is no issue with the skeleton or mesh, it’s an animation blueprint issue.

It sounds like your new character is not setting variables within your animation blueprint and your animation blueprint state machine has animation transition rules which can’t get triggered, thus you’re only seeing the idle animation.

Hi, i made a 3rd person character using the tutorials on epic games, i made the anim blueprints and did all the setup, when i duplicated the blueprint to change the mesh to another character using the exact same skeleton all the animations stopped except idol. please help

how would i be able to set the second character up? i am trying to make a multilayer game and each character uses a different mesh, is there a way of adding the mesh to the character or duplicating it so i can use the other character with the animations

Yes, you can use different meshes for the same character, you just have to make sure that they all use the same skeleton. You’ll want to look into animation retargetting for this. Alternatively, if you want to use different skeletons and different meshes for your characters, you’ll want to put some of your animation states into the character blueprint instead of the animation blueprint (ABP). What I mean is that you may have three different character types which can perform a “melee” attack, but the actual animation and method for performing a melee attack differs by character type. All you’d care about is calling “Perform Melee Attack” through the behavior tree and the character performs the right melee attack for the character type, right? The attack action state would be stored inside of the behavior tree blackboard instead of the ABP, and the ABP would read the blackboard value to figure out its transition conditions.

I’m trying to add different character colors, so i duplicated the character blueprint 9 times so that I can have 10 color options in my game. I changed the colors of all the characters but when I play with them it’s just the idle animation but when i jump and see the jump animation and that’s it. Can anyone help?

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