Character animation via coordinate input (for VR)

This is likely more of a theoretical issue, but i’m sure some of you can shed light on these issues. As far as I have researched, the character animation in UR is pre-animated movements. However, would it be possible to make character movements real-time? Meaning, if there is a coordinate input (for say hand movement) from real-time environment, can it be translated to coordinate movement in game? If i move hands IRL, the hands would appear to move in the same vectors in-game?

I’m sure this is a vast issue that can’t be covered in a simple post, but perhaps you can direct me to some additional materials or sources that would cover this issue?

Kind regards

Defnitiely possible but as you said it can be complicated :slight_smile: You’ll want to read up about Inverse Kinematics (IK). Here’s the documentation page to help get you started! IK Setups | Unreal Engine Documentation