Character Animation State Desync Issue

Hey, so I’ve got an issue that has happened from time to time relating to peeking to take a shot and getting hit faster than I would have expected my enemy to be capable. Footage on youtube

If you check the video out, you’ll see the footage from both points of view simultaneously. From my point of view (left side), you’ll notice that when I peek, my enemy seemingly had his QBZ out and switched to his M24 as he entered the line of sight of my cross-hair. Because I see him switching weapon I feel I have time to take a shot or two and proceed to do so, but as I fire my second shot I get hit by the quickest M24 quick-scope imaginable. Checking the footage from his point-of-view on the replay, PutLocker it is clear that what I saw did not correspond what was actually happening, he was scoped and aligning on the edges of the rock waiting for a peek. My PC has that information, it’s recorded on my replay, but it’s not what I saw. What the hell is going on? Why am I observing a desynced player state?

For context, I must say I do play with a bit of lag as most of my colleagues are from another region. I’ve consistently got 160ms ping to the server. However, that doesn’t justify, as far as I’m aware, what happened. I was literally watching him swap between weapons when he had done so several seconds prior, it just hadn’t happened from my POV. Is this related to the glitch where weapons float mid-air and don’t update properly from time to time if you don’t have line-of-sight of the other player?