Character animation runs on it's own - Blendspace

Hello guys,

I give up. I set everything what was possible yet my character is contantly moving in-game. Slowly. I don’t know how else should I set things up so maybe someone will be able to tell me what is the cause of constant animation. Everything looks ok but in-game the character moves on it’s own.

Any idea? Thank you :slight_smile:

At the bottom of your blend space, add your idle to the lower right and lower left nodes.

That should help it blend to a stop on all directions. The complete stop is only on your idle blend at zero direction.

Darn I solved it in 15 minutes after you gave a hint Devero, thank you a lot. Yesterday I spend 4 hours on it. One should probably really ask…

The issue of animation was of course the setup of blendspace, yes. I checked how Owen is set at content vault in content examples. That helped a lot. My mistake…

After I fixed that I noticed that my character is not acting correctly. The issue was in orientation towards world’s axis. This was simply solved by forcing the character actor to be always turning at 0 rate toward world’s axis. Simply I allways look forward no matter what.


Awesome =)