Changing Unreal Username w/o losing Marketplace Purchases?

Hey Unreal Community,

I’m no longer associated with the comic book company Unlikely Heroes Studios and have been asked to change my unreal account username. I have spent a lot of $ on Unreal Marketplace Assets and I don’t want to lose them by just making a new name. I searched the Epic website and answerhub for guidance, and the closest thing I’ve received was this email: . I wrote it, explaining my problem, and on July 5th I received a case # (Case # 204583) from someone names Somer requesting more information. I have written back with the requested information once every few days ever since then. That was 20 days ago and I still don’t know what’s going on.

Does anyone have any other ways to reach Epic Games Accounts so that I can get my issue resolved? Is there anyone I should call or anything, since it doesn’t look like that email is going through (or I’m just being ignored, but that’s not like Epic Games at all). If I lose my marketplace submissions, I’ll be devastated!