Changing time of the day via trigger box

Hey guys,

I want to change the time of my skysphere via trigger. I’m using the sponsored content “GoodSky” from the marketplace which looks really amazing. I have the Light Source as reference.
I figured I can rotate my light source with a Timeline and a SetActorRotation node but how can I effect the GoodSky Blueprint as well?

I’m an absolute beginner so I hope this question isn’t completely stupid :smiley:

Edit: I know now that the SkySpere from Unreal has an Update Sun Direction node, which is perfect. I don’t find the same thing in the GoodSky BP though…
Maybe I just stick with the Unreal version when I can’t find another way.

Have you read the docs for Good Sky, it tells you you have to refresh every time you change the time of day. I’m assuming it’s also possible to tell the BP the time of day…