Changing the snapping of the engine, does it affect the scale of the engine?

Hello guys,

I’ve just started to fiddle around with Unreal 4 and I saw that in Editor<Preferences< Use power of 2 option is available.
My question is that if I use power of 2, does the scale of Unreal Unit change too ?
1 UU = 1 cm and player’s height is 190 cm

does this change if I use power of ? Is it now 1 UU= 2 cm ? and the player heights being 96( like UDK)

I tried to google it and find it but could not find significant information.

Thank you,


No it doesn’t. its just the grid division changes.

I toggle around both variants often. Power for 2 for modular pieces assembly, & the standard ones for normal use.

Also IUU is not definitely 1cm, you can change this in the world settings. But yes, by default 1 UU is 1cm. I do not think many people change this default, but you can, if you wanted.

Thank you for enlightening me :slight_smile: I have my concerns cleared.