Changing skeletal mesh in character blueprint

I have a character blueprint that is fully functional, and a skeletal mesh that uses a different skeleton. Is there a way to swap out the skeleton in the character bp? I tried retargeting the new skeleton asset to the original, changing the mesh inside the character bp, and then retargeting the original animation blueprint to the new skeletal mesh, but it doesn’t work for some reason. I’ve tried googling this countless times, and have tried testing out different solutions for days, but I’ve hit a wall. Anybody know what to do?

nothing , dosn’t have that way to change skeletal mesh

swap the character in your characterbp to the new one. you need a animationblueprint for each skeleton. that mean’s you must make a new animationblueprint using your new skeleton. (right click -> create new animation blueprint).
remember that created sockets on the old skeleton must recreated on the new one.

it depends on which skeleton the animations are done. do you use epics animations? if yes you need to retarget.
how is the new one rigged?

I’m trying to replace the default ue4 character with a mixamo one that I have retargeted.