Changing mesh collision

Hi everyone,i am currently making endless 3rd person runner game,and i made the speed up(speed burst)for a few seconds when the character picks up the coin,but now i want to upgrade it and make the character to be able to run through the obstacles,but only when he’s in the speed up mode,normally he would die when he runs to the obstacle.

Currently i have setup like this: i have “SpeedUP” custom event in the character blueprint(picture 1),Death event in the same blueprint(picture 2),and casting that death function to the character in the obstacle blueprint

I would like to know if it is possible somehow to implement the Speed Up event from the picture 1 into the obstacle blueprint with adding the “branch” node where the speed up would represent the condition and if it is true the character would be able to run through the obstacles,if not he would die,but for now i was not able to make it on my own,so if anyone has any ideas i would be very thankful.

In your speedup event you could cast to your obstacle Blueprint call collision off event when you set your speed up and then call collision on event after your delay when your set your speed back down