Changing Material Parameter Collection within BP construction script?

Here’s what I’d like to implement:

I’m creating a modular home environment. I currently have my paint colors (along with some other scalar parameters) being fed into my materials using a Material Parameter Collection (MPC). Obviously, a good solution and creating a modular environment, allowing the level designer to change the color theme of the house as needed (without have to individually edit material instances of each modular piece).

I’d like an extra layer of customization. I’d like to be able to create different MPC sets, and apply those, through an exposed BP variable (enumeration), for separate groups of modular assets. Basically, I want the designer to be able to select all the walls in a given room and simply change which MPC is being applied to that set of assets. This would, you could select an entire house (ie all the modular pieces) and change the look by simply changing to a different MPC.

is this remotely possible? I’m not seeing where I can expose which MPC set is being used, as there is no variable input in the Material Editor node.

I’m also open to any solutions that would accomplish the same goal. All of my modular pieces exist as blueprints, I’d like to change parameters at the BP level - saving the designer having to manually apply each new instance every time a new color scheme was required.