Changing LineTrace Angle

Hello, so Im currently working on a basic zombie shooter game. Im trying to create a basic shotgun that creates 3 line traces, One Forward and then TWO to each side. Here an image to better visualize.

Ive manged to get the forward trace line to work but getting the ones to each side is harder since the player can rotate. Any ideas whats the correct way of achieving this?

First off don’t worry about player movement. The Camera’s World Location and Forward Vector at time of shot is what matters. When you fire a shotgun your spawning multiple pellets (projectiles) or executing multiple traces in a loop. One iteration per pellet. 8 pellets…8 iterations.

All you need to do is ADD (vector) a bit of deviation to each pellets “end location”.

-100 to 100 is a very tight grouping. Increase the values for more cone spread.

Gonna leave this here as an alternative: