Changing Landscape Grass Types within the same Material

We are using Landscape grass in our terrain materials to auto-generate grass on certain painted layers. The problem we are having is that we can’t expose grass types to the material instance, so in order to use different types of grass for different environments, we need to duplicate the master material and change the grass types in the Landscape Grass Output node.

We would like to use the same master material for all our environments, with the ability to choose which grass type to use on the material instance. Is there any way the achieve this at the moment? The only solution I have found so far is to assign all the different grass types to the Landscape Grass Output node in the master material, and toggle them ON/OFF using switch nodes and 0 to 1 values to either turn the mask on or off, but this seems very inefficient.

Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated!

Did you manage to solve this problem? I’ve just run into the same issue and have no idea how to proceed. Is there an easy way to turn the Landscape Grass Output material node into a parameter via C++ or something?