Changing colors of Lights through BP!

Hey guys,sorry to bother!
​​​​​​But I’m pretty new to UE4 and Blueprints so I’ve watching tutorials on YT about BPs,but still I have no idea how to do this:–

  • I want to control the lights by Keyboard controls ( for ex. Q) Transition between White and Green light.
    (for ex. I want to press Q and it shows White light and when I press Q again it shows Green light and so on.)
    So please guys anyone can help that’ll be much appreciated!! :))

Hi there, you’ll want to setup a Boolean to trigger the different states (probably the easiest way to get your head around blueprint)

You’ll need to setup an action event (these are for registering keyboard or button presses- perfect for booleans!)- you can set this up in the project settings in Unreal.

Have a go with connecting that action event to a new Boolean variable (mess around with the pressed and released events) and see if you can get it to work - if not, post a screenshot and I’ll see what you need to fix :slight_smile: