Changing Animation Montage Slot During Play

Hey Guys,

I have 2 Slots on an Anim Montage and 2 sections. On the first section I want to play the first slot, and then switch to the second slot in the second section.

Is this possible? It seems if I have just the upperbody slot then it works correctly. Whereas if I use both Default and Upper then it will only ever work with the default slot.

Both slots are referenced in my AnimGraph, and they both work correctly if only 1 slot is used in the Montage. I just can’t figure out how to switch to the second slot!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My Forum Post: Changing Animation Montage Slot During Play - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

I sort of opted to Not use montages since I can’t even tell which slot they are in and I can’t even get all montages playing (runtime in bp at least).
So I’m using animation sequences with state machine blending - since I can just store them in a variable and use those.
Basically I have 2 variables, when I set one, the other automatically blends out.

Works nice but during blend the notifies might not fire - so yea, not perfect. Montages on the other hand are annoying. They look like something you would want, detailed, can house a lot of great things - and then basic stuff is missing…

With animations you might not even need to think about slots - you can just build up your anim bp to support your needs. Again, not perfect, calling notifies before blending is over will probably not fire (or sometimes it won’t at least).