Changing a project for mobile

Hello everyone. I was studing a little on how to make a project for IOS but I am a little lost.

I want to know how dificult it is to put the third person project of unreal engine inside a IOS, withought changing anything in the enviroment or character.

Do you have an ideia of what the steps do we need to make this? And do you think it can work?

I am looking for someone that have this knowledge and could help me with personal training for my project, so I could teach another studants about this.


try setting

‘project settings, Target Hardware’ to ‘Mobile/Tablet’ and ‘Maximum Quality’

make sure you have your Apple Dev Provision and certificates setup correctly

then ether ‘launch to the device’
‘package the project for iOS’ and install via iTunes

There is described workflow for deploying to iOS device: