Changes needed for FPS/TPS mobile templates imo

Hello there kind people. I would like to propose some changes in the controls we get with FPS/TPS templates for mobile. I have played many mobile games and I never ever use a stick to look. Doesnt matter FPS or TPS, I always use swipe to look and left stick to walk.
Download any game from the market and see for yourselves how they all use swipe to look/aim. And even if they have an option to turn on the right stick, I invite you to experience how awkward it is to use it.

So for that reason I think it would be good to have left stick to move, swipe to look system by default.

I am learning unreal for quite some time now. I have seen all the epic’s and community tutorials I could find. I can do some nice things with blueprints now. But there is no information or tutorials for swipe to look system anywhere, and I am unable to work this one out myself since im not a programmer. I think any new mobile developer will hit the same wall eventually.

Here is a guy who has a pretty nice setup for swipe and he is talking pretty much on this threads topic:

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.

Or can we maybe get a nice tutorial on Unreal youtube channel pls? Shameless self bump. :slight_smile: