Change Spline Path?

Please forgive my syntax if there is at all an error in usage as I am still learning.

Ultimately what I am trying to do is allow an actor to move from one spline path to another when in proximity to the next spline path. the spline paths are tied to other actors built from a parent child relationship all of which have the ability to rotate so Spline paths only align when rotation has made it so.

I have thus far been able to build a macro that checks for proximity and works as desired except at the point my actor reaches the end of the first spline path (basically putting the main actor in a center point between 2 of the other actors) the macro returns 2 values, The value of the spline it has already traveled and the value of the spline I want it to travel next. I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere that specifically address this type of issue “Changing Spline paths, working with multiple spline paths,” etc…

I have added a screen shot of the BP I am working with that, While still needs some adjustments for smoothing the speed and distance of travel only gets me half way toward my goal.


Any help is greatly appreciated.