Change size of particles based on velocity


I am trying to make a simple particle system that emits spherical particles along a single axis. I would like to have them have different sizes depending on their velocity.

I have tried out the “Size By Speed” module however by it does not do what I want. It seems to give a constant scale to all particles regardless of their velocity. It also scales the same on both axis even if I set the parameters to different values. This however changes if I set the screen alignment to “PSA Velocity” but this still does not make a different based on velocity. All particles are scaled by the exact same amount. What has also bothered me about this is that there are no places to set how much velocity factors in on the scaling leaving me to believe I have a bit of a misunderstanding on the usage of this module.

The only other alternative I could find was to have multiple emitters with different sizes/velocities set however this gives little variation unless lots of emitters are added which seems silly.

My particle system has: Spawn, Initial Location, Initial Size, Initial Velocity, Initial Color, Lifetime, Size By Speed set in that same order.

What I would want is something like this: v1 = (3,0,0), s1 = (3,3); v2 = (6,0,0), s2 = (6,6) where v = velocity (3d vector) and s = size (2d vector).

NOTE: This is a bit silly but it seems to have been working all along. I have used scale of down to one and max of up to 10. I tried just to set it up to much higher (don’t know why I didn’t try this at first) and now the difference is obvious and how I want it. Had to change the difference between the scale and max scale in the order of 10000 though.