Change Render Target Opacity without recapturing 2D Scene

Hi all,

TL:DR - can you change the opacity of a 2D Scene captured render texture material instance without recapturing the texture?

This one has got me stumped.

I’m trying to create a slider that allows to fade between two scenes.

What I have set so far is a 2D scene capture component, which updates a texture target, under my character camera. Physically, in front of that is a plane that has a material applied to it that is updated by the texture target.

Upon scene change, it captures the current camera, sets the material opacity to 1, loads the new scene and then fades the opacity.

That all works fine.

The problem I have is that I want to create a slider that allows the user to change the opacity of the previously captured material (creating the illusion of fading back to the previous scene)

I’ve created a slider that calls an event that creates a dynamic material instance (updated by float variable from the slider) and then updates the opacity but it’s recapturing the current camera texture every time the value slider is changed.

I’m a total newbie to Unreal so I apologise if I’m going about this all wrong - happy to be schooled!


I later found the issue to be user error - I was calling the wrong custom event.

My main issue now is trying to accurately match the scene with the screenshot applied to the plane in front of the character camera. It isn’t a bad match but it’s not perfect.

The great thing is I now have a fade from one scene to the next, which was my biggest challenge.

Happy to close this topic