Change material on landscape based on blueprint

I’ve set up an ENUM which dictates what season it is. I have then created material instances which are different for each season.

The issue i have run into is that i can’t seem to find a node inside the level BP which will allow me to change the material on the landscape.

Can anyone give me any pointers on this? It feels like something really basic and i can’t believe there isn’t a way to do it.


Try this:
It’s a really basic video over changing material parameters with blueprints and it should get you started.

It’s a bit complicated since Landscape Materials usually take a bit of time to recompile. I’m guessing your material setup it’s very simple in order to change it in runtime. But I think the only possibility would be using a Material Parameter collection.

Thanks for the input guys.

To be honest, Seehr, not really. It’s not all that simple but the material will only be changing once every (real world) 10 hours so i don’t think an extended loading time would be too much of an issue for that. there is no transitional material needed. the character goes to be on night and when he wakes it has changed. Think stardew valley season changes if that helps at all.

Thanks for the link JamesEmory, will definitely be taking a look at that ASAP. :slight_smile: