Change lighting channels dynamically

Hi there,

We’ve recently come across an impasse in our project and we’d really like to have the possibility to change the lighting channels during play. We’re using the channels profusely to reduce the bleeding effect of non shadow casting lights (for performance, of course). The thing is, we have the ability to grab items and move with them, so basically they need to be on all three channels. Therefore, when we’re in a pitch black room that is on a different channel than the room right next to it, this item will be illuminated by the next room’s lighting.


Mug in pitch black room.png

The idea would be to change the lighting channels when we enter different rooms. This would create a pretty intense light pop on the object in hands, but this is something that would definitely be a better sacrifice than having to place shadow casting lights.

Would be really awesome to see that, this would save us from a lot of unwanted rework/redesign of the game.

Thanks for considering!!!