Change Item Weight?

Lets say I want to change the weight of stone.

Step 1
I copy from:


Step 2
I change the field “Base Item Weight” from 0.5 to 0.1

Step 3
In “PrimalGameData_BP_MyMod” under the “Master Items” list I change the reference to the stone resource to use the new one instead.

After I cook the mod, subscribe and apply it for a singleplayer game… it does not seem to be working as expected.
When I pick up stone it still has a weight of 0.5. However, if I exit singleplayer then rejoin single player the stone I picked up now has the correct weight of 0.1.
If I pick up more stone again, it will have the default weight of 0.5 until I start the game again.

What am I missing?

Solved, see my first post in this thread: