Change density of a huge plane based on distance

Hi, im trying to create an ocean for a personal project, there’s a lot of stuff i need to work hard to get it right, but im going one step at a time and crossing my bridges as i get to them, for now i’d like to know if theres a way to create a plane using the procedural mesh component to do something like a quadtree, it doesn’t have to be “infinite” just big enough to be seen in the horizon line, i know there is some stuff regarding quadtree in c++ but i’m realy rusty in c++ and if possible i’d like to keep everything in blueprint, i’m using dynamic tesselation inside the material with a sphere mask to the camera position but for the tesselation to get dense enough the entire base geometry of the plane already has to be pretty dense so a quadtree like thing on the procedural mesh component would be f*cking great. Thanks guys.