Change default character pawn mesh

I’m new to UR4 and only a hobbyist combining my childhood dream of game design with my love for making DnD levels for friends…

My first project is a twin stick shooter. I want to replace the UFO it gives you with the UE4 mannequin.
I see already I will need to modify some of movement blue print to have it face properly but I can’t get the mesh to even change.

I can add it, where it sits on top of the space ship. And I’m pretty sure I have found the place I’d modify it. Place in blue prints where you have the thumb nail of the ship. But when I search for the man it doesn’t show up.
Going into area where it shows the ship with materials and such it has an option to swap meshes in one of the drop downs but it’s greyed out.

I’d appreciate if someone could point me in right direction for this. Would it be more simple to just create a new pawn and copy all the camera blue prints over?

I’m on the same spot as you are, now what I did was to duplicate the BP of the TwinStickPawn and replaced the pawn with what I imported … still suffering the directions issue but I’m still looking, I will hit you once I find a solution.

This was a life time ago…

There are several ways to actually get this to work. One of the big issues is the character will return to it’s neutral facing when you release the facing joystick for some reason. There are some tutorials i had found that cleaned it up SOME and i’m sure some complex stuff would fix it but didn’t care enough.

I can’t remember how I ended up replacing the pawn in the first place though it’s been so long. I think i just learned how to set up the controls and replaced them.

Way back when…

Current version of THE SAME PROJECT…

Been recently learning from that weapon system they put on the store and doing what I can with that. Almost done just few broken pieces. Then onto climbing system I have planned…

Last one is actually on my phone downloaded from google play. While first was just a PC launch…wow what a journey

QUOTE=“Cultusfit;n1438689”]…but I can’t get the mesh to even change.

You can set the character mesh with the Set Skeletal Mesh node.

You can set the character mesh with the Set Skeletal Mesh node.


very true.
Back then i was trying just repace it in the BP.
I don’t know what the problem was or how I fixed it.

Ohhhh you know what it is!
The twin stick shooter, that’s a static mesh I’m 99% sure :rolleyes:

This is literally a post from my first couple days of unreal when I was going make a SIMPLE twin stick shooter that did endless waves of a couple undead

Hey there it took me a while to find this but when i wasI was starting that project i had found this tutorial:

It’s not perfect, and you still tend to snap to certain directions (playing with some of the settings you can get it narrowed down but when you release the face in joystick you still at least tend to turn to one of the of the 4 major points. Its due to fact that joystick doesn’t slide ‘perfect’ into 0,0 and will usually have some direction left on an axis)

Best thing i came up with for this was making it so if there was no input from facing stick to have movement stick set facing. This prevents you from running backward and stuff while not shooting too.

If you REALLY want direction to stay basically trig with axis values to hold the facing if above a certain value will be the way to go.