Change camera location on multiplayer

Hi everybody, I am currently working on my first multiplayer project and I have a problem with my game camera. I have one shared camera actror in Stickman fight style (basicaly evry user uses the same camera actor), when there is only one player left, the round is over, next streamed level will be loaded and the camera should change its position. Curently my camera changes possition only for the server and not for the other users. All other following functions work perfectly like respawn in next streamed level, adding points and so on.

I donĀ“t know if the multiplayer functionality must be somehow modified in the camera actor or simply do for each loop for every connected player in the level blueprint.

I will be happy for every answear or any given solution to my camera problem.

In the picture you can see the structure which I am using in the level blueprint to change camera, based on coordinates in vector array.