Change between 4.13 and 4.14 - GetOwningPlayerPawn on LevelSequenceBurnIn subclass now returns None


I’ve got a blueprint that I was using on 4.13, and I recently updated to 4.14 for this project. In this project, I have a LevelSequenceBurnIn subclass where I need to get at the CineCameraActor that is being rendered through.

In 4.13, I was calling GetOwningPlayerPawn( self ) -> GetController() -> GetViewTarget() which worked well.
In 4.14, however, GetOwningPlayerPawn( self ) is now returning None.

I’ve tested this on completely fresh projects running in 4.13.2 and 4.14.3, and I’m seeing the same blueprint working fine in 4.13 and not working in 4.14.

Was this an accidental change that broke this, or is there a different way for me to get at the same object in 4.14?


In addition, I just tested this in 4.15 as well, and this displays the same behaviour as 4.14

Anyone (Epic people especially) have any thoughts on this?