Change actor location.

I have a blueprint setup for click events. I want to click the mesh for that blueprint and have it go to a location a “target” blueprint is at. I tried a blueprint interface but it does not seem to be working. Am i doing this wrong what do i need to change?


The target function in the first picture is just what is supposed to be run after the click on the mesh from the second picture happens.

Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

You have not specified the object that implements the Interface when calling them.


im still a little new to interfaces. How do i specify it?. Ive also tried casting but nothing i put as the object works.

I recommend watching this stream. If possible, complete and maybe more than once.
It should help you understanding what you’re doing wrong and it saves us explaining basics again :smiley:
(Don’t take this wrong, Zak Parrish can explain this all 1000times better)

I had a problem where there was nothing to reference it to so i stored the actor into a for each loop and used that as reference.

Well, using that note is, in most situation, the lazy work around.
I mean, doing it ONCE to grab all placed actor is ok, but normally you should rethink that attempt.
There are tons of ways to get References where you need them.

You could even let placed actors use their “BeginPlay” to register in some better available class.