Chance Ivey, Thanks......

Just wanted to thank @ChanceIvey, you made this community a perfect place!

شكرا From the Arabian part of me
谢谢 From the Chinese part of me

Whenever I get lost in forums, want something or looking for something; I defiantly find a post or comment that you already mentioned what I’m looking for!
And to prove that you are really taking amazing care of the forums, you will hit a reply here very soon :wink:

Of course I would like to thank all the people at Epic for their AWESOME work; but Chance a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:


I concur, Chance is awesome. Very helpful, patient and all around friendly guy. =)

Yes, all and while that maybe true here, if you go to the forums and you will find he is a nasty hated moderator that will snap at you and ban you or warn you over the slightest 0.01% of a mistake, he is also not very forgiving, but here on this i am willing to give him a second “chance” if you will parden that pun there so chance hopefully we can start a fresh and forget our past and just move on those old days are practically what, i dont know 10 to 12 years in the past now, that for a online community anywhere is practically almost prehistoric.

Maybe I can use this thread to mentioned for endless time… that all the community is amazing… and that’s one of the most important things around.

I don’t think he was implying that they weren’t Sarfios, but simply singling out one of the many amazing people from this great community. =)

They’re ALL awesome :wink:

I agree on the forums too, Epic are very open and allow people to be as expressive as they want (within sanity ofc) on the forums. That’s a very rare thing for a company to do, I guess it helps if you have a good product to go with it!

If you read “Chance” backwards - it sounds like AWESOME!

Though. *Ecnahc *is the mythological Animal-god of the Kin-moot-cat civilization. Then awesome in its British meaning is right :smiley:

PS: thats secret knowledge. Googlin’ it will not give you a result other then you beein listed. And then some cat-suited Priori will get you.

you bunch of ‘SUCKUPS’ :stuck_out_tongue:

ya still the greatest ‘Man in Plaid’ to me tho’, Chance! lol :wink:

@chance: al i will say for now, the past is all water under the bridge, so lets forget it and move on, start a fresh? what do you say chance freinds? buddies?

Yeah, thumbs up on that Chance Ivey guy. :slight_smile:

It’s great to see such nice feedback. I’ll make sure it gets passed back up the chain.

Yay Chance! I wouldn’t be hosting livestreams if it wasn’t for his guidance. Seriously great to work with.

All staff that actually take the time to post on forums and interact with the community are great person that truly care about what they do and doing it well :slight_smile:
I still wait to see an Epic’s employee bashing over someone around here ** cough ** (common thing some like me are used to see on forums from that other company) ** cough **

I wonder how it’s going to be when this community grows gigantic like that as well :wink:

So apparently that is Chance’s twin and not Chance at all. He’s only ever used the program once. Also, that guy is still active on those forums and our Chance is so busy you will only see him post on here.

Does he wear paisley instead of plaid and also have a goatee perhaps? Just joking. Seriously though, that is a totally different person on the game maker forums.

bow and thanks also chance for everything and all the guys at Epic for your hard work!

Oh wow,:o I’m just here to see cool things, y’know, so thanks everyone for delivering! ::sips coffee::

In all seriousness - we’ve got a really great crew to credit for making the UE community such a wonderful place. I’m very fortunate to get to work with Dana, Alexander and the support team, and most importantly - you all. A great community starts with great people within it, I’m just lucky to get to hang with the bunch of you.

Stay cool, y’all.

Good job bud

I also want to thank Chance, when I contacted him for a problem was very prompt in helping me, very nice person.

At the same time i want to thank Jon Jones Marketplace curator, his advice to improve the quality of the assets are invaluable.

Really great staff.