Challenge FAQ

Unreal Challenge: Creep It Real

“I have a question regarding the challenge.”

  • Please create a new Question in this category, and use the tag ‘UnrealChallenge.’

“How do I submit my entry for the challenge?”

  • Please create a new Discussion in this category, and use the tag ‘CreepItReal.’

“Can I use MovieRenderQueue?”

  • Your video file should be encoded directly from Unreal only, using any methods in the documentation. We reserve the right to ask you to provide a screen recording of running the render from Movie Render Queue.

“Can I add audio in post-editing software?”

  • We would prefer that participants look at the command-line encoder to add audio from within the Engine when it comes to Movie Render Queue, or add audio tracks via Sequencer. However the first option isn’t the most intuitive without supporting documentation, the only documentation that really goes deep into this is third party. With this, we decided to allow the use of post-production software ONLY for adding the audio, and we will reserve the right to ask to see a screen recording of the render within UE.

“Can I use Path Tracing?”

  • Path Tracing is not permitted as this creates an unfair advantage against those that do not have systems that can use this feature.

“Can I work as part of a team?”

  • No, you must work on your submission as an individual. Those found to be submitting as a team will be disqualified.

“Is Raytracing allowed?”

  • Yes, Raytracing is allowed.

“Can we use Unreal Engine Samples & Demos?”

  • Providing the lighting is your work, yes. However, it would be advantageous also to create your scene, even by kitbashing assets you already own, free Marketplace content, or the content provided by KitBash3D.

“Can I use Marketplace assets that I own?”

  • Yes, you are encouraged to use what you have and have permission to use to create your scenes. Upon submission, you will have the credit for those non-original assets used within your submission.

“Can we use audio or dialogue?”

  • Yes, but this has to be done within Unreal Engine as post-production isn’t permitted. Please remember that audio is not a part of the judging criteria.

“Can we use copyrighted content, for example, audio/music?”

  • No, if you do not have permission to use the content, it is not permitted. As per the rules, the Entrant is liable regarding copyrighted material.

“My submission hasn’t shown up”

  • If you have posted but this is the first time you have posted on the forums, your post will enter the moderation review queue and will be approved shortly. If this is close to the deadline, don’t worry, we can see what time these are attempted to be posted, if a submission post hits the review queue before the deadline, it will still be approved.