Chain moving in the wind....


So i created this chain and i want to animate its movement. The bottom part of the chain should move slightly to the side, like its effected by wind.
Im using a wind actor on my map to make apex clothing move nicely, but i think the wind actor only works for apex clothing and not for physics assets.
I tried different things, like for example a constraint between the hook of the chain and the chain itself. The problem is that the chain is rigid and moves in a strange way.

Another thing is a CAD RIG with Tail like shown in a video on youtube. Doesnt helped me.
I also created Bones for every Chain piece and exported the chain as skeletal mesh. When i activate Simulate Physics on the Chain and constrain it to the hook, the movement of the chain is totaly weird.
Anyone an idea how to create a chain which moves in the wind and collides with the surrounding environment? (in my case a cliff)