Chain Alpha problem (Riddle)

Hi all,

I’ve seem to have gotten myself into abit of a riddle. I’m trying to save polys in my level when using a chain made out of two planes with alpha maps applied, instead of geometry (as I think the player will never really notice). Although, my final result has confused me a little bit and I can’t seem to figure out a fix - so I was hoping to get a little advice here.

Here are the two alpha maps, the geometry is just 2 polygons - rotated 90 degrees.

It looks fine when looking at it from 90 degress on -

But when I look at it from other angles, say 45 degress on -

It look very odd, as the middle part of the chain is still being shown. Does anyone have a better idea of how to do this? I was thinking to remove one of the chains in the white information on the alpha, but this would stop it looking right in a 90 degrees on view…


What you’d need to do is have one chain link in the texture and then you would have a plane with that on there and then rotate and alternate the plane going down the chain, just like the links would normally be.

ok great! Thanks for the help.