CAVE Project / Synchronized scene

Hello everyone, not quite sure if this is the right forum for my topic, but I’ll try my luck anyway :slight_smile:

So I am trying to start a CAVE-project with 3 projection walls.
Here for I got three computers and three projectors which are connected to those.
On my computers, of course the unreal engine is installed.

My plan is to project one scene on those three walls.
With the images projected to the walls being synchronized.

First approach:
So my first idea on how to realize this was using the n-display function (

In the documentation I also found the path to a example of a configuration file.
I tried to adjust it to my concerns (IP-adress, number of projectors, etc.).
So in a first step I’d like to only synchronize 2 of those screens with each other.
Following the insturctions in “nDisplay Quick Start” Documentation, I used the n-Display Launcher on the host-computer and started the n-Display listener on the clients.

So when I’m trying to run everything, I unfortunately get the attached error message.
(the red written letters say: the system can’t find the file)

Unfortunately I’ve never worked with anything similar like this before.
So I’d really, really appreciate any hints from you!

Best regards!

there should not be any spaces in the path, that might be the problem