CAVE project estimate


I’m an entrepreneur with a start-up company developing SW to run on a proprietary stereoscopic 3D CAVE system aka theater style VR. We completed an accelerator and have been recognized in multiple industry contests. We are planning to use Unreal for upcoming projects based on our pre-product market validation including the recent feedback of a Forbes 5000 organization prospect that experimented internally with AR/VR.

Our venture was recently selected for an invite-only deal network for seed fund-raising purposes. In addition, we also have a network that we’ve built over a decade (including many successful tech founders) for further support and a 33% lead to sales conversion rate going up to the developed stage. We are in need of assistance from an experienced SW project manager, who is willing to sign a NDA, to build an initial budget that can be used as a basis for financial modeling of our venture.

Please PM me with inquiries. We’re happy to share an online company profile in response to serious inquiries.


This is in the wrong section and you don’t give any details about your company…

I wasn’t sure that the Looking for Talent section was the best fit since there’s no immediate need for Unreal development just some estimates at this point.


As mentioned in my original post, we continue to look for an experienced project manager to work with us on developing initial estimates. Also, if you have a team in place or can locate additional resources going forward (as needs arise), that would be of value.

Thank you!