Casts in blueprint fail while debugging? But the functionality is still hit at runtime

I have been working with the animblueprint and blueprint systems to implement some basic foot placement IK for running up stairs and rough terrain. In the blueprints whenever I perform a cast e.g. casting the output from ‘Try get Pawn Owner’ to a Character, the cast will fail while debugging and no subsequent breakpoints will be hit. However, at runtime the character plays out the functionality that could only be performed after a successful cast?

I had casts to subclasses of Ai Controller failing while debugging, but the casts to the parent class worked. I’m not sure if it was only while debugging or at runtime.

Edit: No luck for me, I put print statements in a function called from the subclass cast. I put bug reports on it. They may be related.

Looking into the issue further I found that the result of ‘Try Get Pawn Owner’ is returning null, therefore the cast fails. However, this still doesn’t explain why the functionality is still getting hit :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers, I’ll try do a cast up the chain and see what happens.

a character is a type of pawn and “get pawn owner” returns a player controller. player controllers own pawns, but they are not a type of pawn, so the cast should fail. as for the logic path weirdness, i have no idea, but it sounds like a bug.