Casting to BP that are not the Main Character

I have a character and want to adjust the distance that he needs to be in order to collect the “bamboo” so I am trying to switch between 2 collision objects.

I have an on hit event but the print string will only work if I place it before the Cast to BP_Item_Bamboo or off of the Cast Failed tab.

Can someone please explain why the cast to main character works but the bamboo one does not. Also what is the best way to switch between 2 different collision objects, or is the best solution to scale the size of one collider?


Hi @AdamRose

I am not sure of what you mean with switching between collision objects,
the cast to Bamboo always fail ?
i think that should work,

Can be a collider problem or the actor-bamboo, did you check the meshes and colliders and collision settings?
They dont find each others ?

By the way:
The bamboo actor moves?
The "Sphere " here moves?
If not, i dont get how a still sphere should detect an hit with an still bamboo.

Thanks @Est_engine

So I have a blueprint called it BP_Item_Bamboo and I put 2 collision objects on it.

I am trying to make it so when my character walks over the “sphere” object it changes the collision object from the small one to the large one so it is easier to pick up the bamboo item.

I tried on begin overlap as well for the sphere.

I am able to set up a branch in the bamboo BP node which is controlled by a boolean that will switch the colliders but it does not switch properly while the game is playing and i need to reset for it to take effect.

Additionally how would you go about putting this on a button. I included a small node chain on the W key of my character which is the basic idea of what I want to do here. How would I make this work?