Casting in 4.7.6 and 4.8 Preview

Hello everyone,

Is casting changing or something. All of a sudden none of my casting is working correctly. They are successful, but I’m not able to retrieve the values of any variables. I can’t even set variables through casting.

Could you post an example of how you cast?

Here it is. I use the Get All Actors from Class because I’m planning to have multiple playable characters.

Hmm… I’ve never casted this way so I’m not sure what to yell you.

Depending on what you are doing, the problem might be because you are using “Get All Actors of Class”… are you sure you are getting the right character reference?

If so then it could be a problem with 4.8 p1 (check the known issues?).

I have not 4.8 installed at the moment (sigh… hard drive space problems :p) so I cannot confirm this.

Do you need to cast in this case? Just drag off the get 0 and type attacking.

That’s how I do it in order to cast from UMG to my character. I’m using the player Bp as a parent for 10 party members so I usually get the class instead and use that to cast, but I think this way no longer works as of the latest 4.7.6. I found a way to cast which is pretty much just casting from the player character.

In 4.8 it wants you to just use the get node, but it stopped working for me. I found a way around it, but if I have to cast to my enemy there may be a problem.