Cast to currently possessed Pawn

Hello, great community of UE4 :slight_smile: I am new in this, just since november, but I have my progress, and I love learning UE4 blueprints. I have been searching for particular question that I thought should be already answered, but no luck (probably my lack of experience causes me to ask wrong searching questions).
Question: can i do “Cast to Pawn currently possessed by Player0”? What is proper way to do that?
I will explain situation. In my learning project, I have walking character, that can possess different vehicles - flying vehicles, cars, mechs. It is single player game. I want enemies to shoot at vehicle that is currently possessed by that walking character (and walking character itself too). So far, I have done that two ways that works. One with many “Cast to…” chained to previous cast fail, other - with making parent classes (car, plane, mech), but that also takes three (for now!) modules “Cast to…”.
It feels like there should be exact way how to “Cast to Pawn currently possessed by Player”. Is there?
I would much appreciate some lesson on this. Many thanks in advance!

EDIT: Okay, I think I made myself solution to this, I will post screenshot here. I would appreciate, if someone experienced could take a look - does this solution look legit, “politically correct”? In practice, it appears to be working properly, shooting begins only if Pawn is possessed (controlled) by Player(0).

that seems like itd work, but couldnt you just use the get player pawn node?