Cast mouse position and event to actor widget?

You have a widget, attached to a actor. This widget is floating in 3D space, but I wish to interact with it. I attach a button to this widget attached to the actor, but I am unable to press it once it on the actor, however.
Is there a way I can accomplish this?

(The grey box is the button. There is also a smaller button on top of it as well)

(Widget attached to actor)

(I can’t interact :frowning: )

Hopefully my question makes some sort of sense. My first thought was to do a ray cast? Like I would do in any other, then somehow reflect this collision point on the widget. But I have no idea how to do such in UE5. Or maybe there is even a simpler solution? Like perhaps a build-in function to interact with floating widget actors?

Thank you for taking your time to read this regardless if you have a solution! :slight_smile:
I am new to Unreal Engine and it’s blueprints system.

Select the Widget component and enable Hardware Input.

My first thought was to do a ray cast?

This is also an option, handy in case you have no mouse - using a gamepad, VR controller, playing an FPS game and aiming at an in-game laptop screen (like in your example) with a gun, emulating mouse clicks for whatever reason or translating 3d to 2d coordinates in some more convoluted scenarios.

But, if you do have a hardware mouse, the Widget Interaction Component which allows for the above, is not required.