cast from MyChracter to Actor?

How can i “bSneaking” from “MyCharacter” cast to the other BP?

here my BP:

I found a solution, but is there what better?

I assume that you want to do AI detection?
If that’s so, it’s better to do it from the NPC Pawn rather than from the player Pawn and go through all actor of your MyCharacter class.

You can have a detection volume that grows from NPC’s orientation or view direction, and use construction script to decide how bit it is.
And when the volume overlap with player pawn’s collision volume, it will generate a overlap event and thus fire inside your NPC’s even graph.
Where “otherActor” becomes your player(only one actor to cast), and you can cast and get the bSneaking easier than doing a loop to through all characters, as it will grow out of control once you have many npc on a level.