Cascade - anyway to preroll particles

I come from a film vfx background, where if you want particles on screen all the time, ie not see spawning/emission you can pre-roll the system so all the particles are there once you see them in the frame. I’m running into an issue, where I have some mesh particles that I don’t want to show emission or death. Say I have 20 fish swimming around…I don’t want them popping on and off as someone swims by. Is there a workaround for this? Any help would be awesome!

Hey walkinginspace -

In Cascade, Click in the Black area to the right of your emitters and look in the details panel, you will see a Warmup Time which will work the same as preroll.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Is there a lifetime setting that will allow them to stay alive forever? I guess I could make the lifetime time super high, but didn’t know if there was a “never kill” setting. Thanks for the warmup time answer, that is what i needed!

If you set the Lifetime to 0 the particles will leave forever but will stop emitting based on the Emitter Duration and Loops setting in the Required Module.