Cars in unreal, need help with settings

hi some one can help with setup my car, because i try to use off tutorial and read documentation and on the end of this i have a working car BUT it totally unrealistic like in Epic starters kit(physics from 90th),so where i can find guide for example to get my car physics looks like in gta3-5 , or more realistic mafia1 physics, so i need suspension, because for now body is like a static and moving up and down(its weird).

PS also maybe some know tutorial about setup car with shocks from maya?

Hey zip! not sure if this is the tutorial you are speaking off you followed BUT here is the official Vehicles tutorial from Epic: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums now it only gets into the suspension and shocks in the forth video. And as stated in the video this is just to get to basic idea across and tweaking values and numbers may help get you going even more in the direction you would like. Now if these videos are ones you have already gone through there are some on youtube that users have posted independently and go over some of the same concepts. I would check out piinecone’s videos here: Unreal Engine 4 Vehicle Tutorial (Blueprint) - YouTube

he makes a car(very simple) in maya to export into UE4 and then gets the basic’s down to get it moving. again these are the basic concepts to get someone started really but maybe they can help in someway.

Have a good one! :slight_smile:

thx for replay but i mean how i can setup car suspension with moving shocks like in advanced template(need video tutorial with very good explanation… because all tutorials what i see explaining haw to setup simple cars rig… can epic create tutorial with setup car with working shocks on good quality model(for example for car from racing game template) from scratch to the final in UE4.

its just a case of using “look-at” in the anim blueprint and the rest is the set up and skinning of the bones