Carl Zeiss VR One Integration?

Are there any plans for integrating Carl Zeiss VROne SDK?

I would like an asnwer to this question too

Thank you

Carl Zeiss is currently offering support for Unity 3D for its VR One. The official Unity SDK will be available on the 1st of November.
An official Unreal Engine support isn’t planned/announced for now.

I don’t know that it would even be worth targeting - they’re using the phone sensors for head tracking, and AFAIK won’t have any of the custom software layers needed to reduce the large built in latency of Android. Contrast to GearVR which has external head tracking sensors (lower latency, better accuracy) and has a lot of software in it to make sure the motion-to-photon latency isn’t being pushed up by 48+ms (stock Android).

This isn’t going to be a very pleasant VR machine IMO, it’s more like a fancy Google Cardboard.

POS wouldn’t bother personally. It’s NOT good for VR in general (it’s simply a hacked together solution without any of the real, performance VR design that went into gearVR).

Pass. There’s far more important things to get into UE4 inc VR optimisations for the rift.

P.S nice shill post Unity rep 2 posts up, shame the rest of the Unity engine is so terrible, not even in the same class as UE4.