Car model UVW lightmaps.

On a curvy dodge viper with the openings on the side, how would you guys unwrap it? I’ having a hell of a time getting the lightmaps to form well. If i pelt it and pelt the concave curves individually, I get dark seams. If i keep it as one unite… the shadows are a bit off. Hard to explain… but any directions to whicj uvw method would work best?

Generally, I wouldn’t lightmap a car. Cars are intended to be dynamic and move, so if it’s for a portfolio piece, I’d try to get by with dynamic lighting.

If this car is a background prop that will not move and NEEDS to be lightmapped, your probably best off baking the model down to a mesh without small modeled in seams. But even with the car being static, you should still be able to get it to look good with dynamic lighting.

That’ interesting, always thought you had to bake. I’ll look into it.

IMO if it’s static then the best/realistic result you can have is with static/baked lights because only those will produce GI…
If you could upload some screenshots maybe we’d have some ideas how to unwrap it! :wink: