Car in my level vanishes when hit the Start Simulate button. Returns when I hit stop simulating?

Just learning UE4 here and the gameplay part is not my strong suit.

As stated in the subject, when I hit the simulate button, the car in my scene vanishes, until I hit stop. It even seems to leave from the World Outliner window as well. The car is a collection of 20 StaticMeshActors. I have tried grouping but that changes nothing. This car was fine before in other levels, and I somehow made the car on its own level, and imported that level into this one. Perhaps the problem is there?

What is the smart way to move a fully material-ed car around from level to level? Put the fbx meshes into a blueprint and assign materials there?

Any suggestion will be apprecieated.
Thank you, JonT

It’s probably going to be a collision thing. Once is dissapears, take a look in the world outliner, I think you’ll find it’s still around just residing somewhere crazy :slight_smile: