Car glass opacity


I have my base diffuse and and opacity mask for the wind shields in a truck. How can I make the glass partly transparent? If I drop the mask in the texture its either solid or not there at all. I need it to keep the grime but have it see through. I don’t really want to bring it in as a separate part to the model and BP it really.


Do you mean you using one material for the car and glass on one object?

To have semi transparent materials you need to use the Translucent blend mode, which won’t be right for the other parts of the car obviously. So if this is all one object, it would be best to have separate material ID’s on your model so you can apply both materials.
I think it could be possible to do it the other way, but there is problems with fully opaque translucent materials apparently.

For making the glass you could look at the glass material in started content.

Yea that was the plan but it seems I’m going to have to have it separate. Thanks for the reply